[oriental noir]

Oriental GCCF

Standards GCCF de l'Oriental (2003) 


Février 2004



Scale of points

for all Orientals except the Foreign White

Type 50 points
Head and Neck 15
Ears 5
Eye Shape and Setting 5
Body 15
Legs and Paws 5
Tail 5
Colour and Coat 50 points
Total 100 points

The Scale of Points for Colour and Coat appears at the end of the relevant section, i.e. Oriental Selfs, Oriental Non-Selfs other than Tabbies, Oriental Tabbies.

Colour and Coat 50 points
Self colours except Foreign white
Eye Colour 15
Body Colour 30
Coat Texture and Length 5
Non Selfs other than tabby
Eye Colour 15
Coat Colour and Pattern 30
Coat Texture 5
All tabby
Eye Colour 10
Coat Colour (pattern and ground) 15
Pattern Shape and Clarity 20
Coat Texture 5
Total 100 points

General Type Standard

The Oriental should be a beautifully balanced animal with head and ears carried on a slender neck and with a long svelte body supported on fine legs and feet, with a slender, whipped tail, free from abnormalities. The body, legs, feet, head and tail should all be in proportion, giving a well balanced appearance. The expression should be alert and intelligent. The cat should be in excellent physical condition.

Head and Neck

  • Head long and well proportioned with width between the ears and narrowing in perfectly straight lines to a fine muzzle and forming a balanced triangle with no break or pinch at the whiskers. The head and profile should be wedge-shaped, neither round nor pointed, avoiding exaggerated type.
  • In profile the nose should be straight, free from any stop or dip, and the chin should be strong with a level bite. The tip of the chin should line up with the tip of the nose in the same vertical plane. The neck should be long and slender.


  • Large, pricked and wide at the base with their setting continuing the lines of the wedge.


  • Oriental in shape and slanting towards the nose with good width between. No tendency to squint.


  • Medium in size. Long and svelte with a tight abdomen, firm and well muscled throughout.

Legs and Paws

  • Legs long and slim. Hind legs higher than the front legs. Legs to be firm and well muscled. Paws small and oval.


  • Long and tapering. Not blunt ended, and free from any abnormality of the bone structure.


  • Very short and fine in texture. Glossy and close-lying. Even and sound throughout in adults and free from any flakes of dead skin.

Withhold all Awards for:

  1. Visible kink
  2. White markings anywhere, other than those referred to in the colour description.

Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:

  1. Weak chin and/or uneven bite
  2. Any abnormality of the bone structure of the tail
  3. Incorrect eye colour or any fleck of a different colour in the eye
  4. Coat long, open or coarse in texture
  5. Lack of two normal scrotal testicles in un-neutered male adults and kittens
  6. Any defect as listed in the preface to this SOP booklet.

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